Thursday, July 7, 2016

I turn sixty three next month and will only live once, and all my life since I started gardening at the age of five in Chicago I've been driven by curiosity. Here in Zone 10A south Tampa we have root knot nematodes, almost zero winter dormancy (SO many plants require winter chilling), poor soil and intense summer rains, but my case of perennials just arrived from Annie's Annuals near San Francisco. I grew the rose 'Felicia' for my Tampa customers in the 90s before permanent water restrictions.....I hope it grows for me now. Here are the others, all delivered for just $104.66 cents: Dipogon lignosus (Cape Sweet Pea), Salvia gesneriflora 'Tequila', Calceolaria integrifolia 'Kentish Hero', Iris confusa 'Chengdu', Salvia flocculosa, Iochroma cyanea 'Mr. Plum', and Salvia greggii 'Burgundy Seduction'. Years ago I grew a few forms of Salvia greggii from New Mexico....they made it almost two years. Fingers crossed!

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