Sunday, February 14, 2016

Now that I've been home from Tampa General Hospital for five days, and I have the house increasingly alive and comfortable again, time to share what's been happening. In my six days there I lost forty two pounds, back down to my usual 158 pounds from 200 pounds, nearly all of it from multiple injections, pills and IV bags of Lasix. I still can't believe how many gallons of my pee the nurses cataloged and took away...some nights I had three urinals ready for me! Day two my appetite skyrocketed and they generally fed me very well unless I was NPO for a test. I went under Twilight Sleep and twice they tried to trick my heart into normal rhythm but it did not work. Medicines the doctor helped me to select is keeping the fibrillation at bay. Day two back home I stripped my sad bed ( a comforter atop a bare mattress) and replaced it all with newly laundered sheets, bed spread and pillow cases, and a neighbor gave to keep a comforter they used in Indiana before retiring here. It is so warm and comfy! Day two Billy and Mary here from out of state for my neighbor Theresa's 87th birthday came over and installed my still in the box giant new LCD TV I bought on-like from, and the next day a DirecTV guy came to re-install the outside wiring. I'd had no TV for a year and a half and did not miss it, but agree with the medical staff it would allow me to watch shows (I do like some of the cooking and science shows) with my feet on a fake ottoman to give my legs a chance to drain. Yesterday I cleaned my HORRIFICALLY soiled stove (barely visible under a few months of soiled pans and deeply cooked down crap) and made it feel like new, then cleaned the Pyramid Table and fixed two psychedelic light sources for the living room. The house is fill with groceries, with more food coming from yesterday's order from (SUPER cheap and all delivered!) It took poor Cracker about two days to realize I am back home for good...he just did not understand why neighbors were coming in to feed him. I now have my first cell phone in case I get sick again since no one at the hospital CALLED Mike's number on my medic alert bracelet I've had for over a year! Thanks to all who were worried about me and watched my house, Cracker and Shadow. I am continuing hiring Debbie King about twice a week to help me with my yard, and am looking for someone to hire weekly for a while for my kitchen and home spruce ups. Here are some pics of my newly comfortable, increasingly clean home. Feels so good to be home and feeling better all the time!

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