Wednesday, February 24, 2016

In about a month some of us may find teensy freshly-hatched Lubber grasshoppers crawling up grass stems, crinums and more, and within a few weeks they can decimate the foliage of amaryllis, crinums plus many ornamentals and veggies. In 2003 I controlled mine here for the next 11 years by applying it ONCE by spreading the protozoa in Nolo Bait called Nosema locustae. This product is MUCH too expensive to sprinkle on a garden....I wait until the baby Lubbers appear, put a heaping tablespoon in a small jar lid (when no rain threatens), then put it next to the plant they are climbing on. Nolo Bait is mostly dry bran, and Lubbers GREATLY prefer bran to live plants and start to feed. It may kill a few at first, but as the protozoa makes them sick their inherent cannibalism makes sure it is spread throughout the swarm. As the females lay their infected egg cases very few if any hatch the following spring. I discovered it in Colorado in the early 90s for locust invasions, and here it does wonders to eliminate Lubbers. It is a live product so I never buy it locally....I buy it mail order and STORE IT IN THE FRIDGE year after many folks kill theirs (plus their BT powders) by keeping it in a hot garden shed. Over the years I've bought it from M & R Durango company in Colorado, and last year I bought a pound from ARBICO Organics. I want to give people advance notice to buy it then store in their fridge till needed. By using it strategically, one can nearly wipe out Lubber grasshoppers for many years from just once application! It kills just grasshoppers and crickets that feed on it, nothing else

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