Thursday, February 19, 2015

My last application of Nolo Bait gave me near total control in my yard and Gerry's yard east of me for almost a dozen years, then broke down badly last early spring...they even denuded a LARGE supposedly toxic Cuban jatropha! Of course ANYTHING in the Amaryllid family were taken right down to the bulb. Here is my new pound that arrived yesterday from Arbico Organics. It is quite expensive so I will do like I did a dozen years ago...wait until young ones hatch, then place a spoonful of Nolo Bait in a jar lid and place at the base of what they are climbing on. They LOVE the bran bait and eat it versus a plant, then cannibalism takes over to spread the disease, including the new eggs that survivors lay. I will keep it in the fridge the way I've done my BT Dipel for years too to insure the protozoa Nosema locustae survive. It is made in Colorado and has a fairly short shelf life when not refrigerated.

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