Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Wow, just as the websites predicted....even though my Scarlet Mombin (Spondias purpurea) is a tropical tree my Dad grew up with in Coconut Grove it still went leafless. I was taking clothes off the clothesline a while ago when I glanced at the tree...there are HUNDREDS of buds and blooms all over it! Last year was the first year it flowered and I got like seven DELICIOUS fruits (to me they tasted like peach and strawberry), but unless I get a freeze this year I will have SO many fruits to enjoy and share. Here are just a few branches! It is a very thirsty tree so I planted it in THE largest "Water Wise Container Garden" I've ever made along with a banana and other cool plants...years ago it was a huge chest deep swimming pool I could swim two body lengths in now filled hugelkulture style with tree limbs that people dropped off here, manure, leaves, etc. (Back when it had water I went under with my machete and punctured the lining about 15 inches from the bottom all around it). It roots VERY easily so I will make more to grow here and share. I am psyched! The fruit pics are from last summer.

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