Saturday, January 10, 2015

I waited over a week to be sure this is true, at least for THIS rooster of mine after years of caring for him and one before him (I ate the six others) sundown I take him out of the hen house and close it, then put him in a dog travel cage in the garden shed, cover the cage with a big piece of cloth then shut the door to prevent my neighbors from being woken up. I let him out each morning around 11. This has worked great for years now and I've shared this with people. But over a week ago I accidentally forgot to cover the door of the cage with the fabric...and now, I guess because of some sunlight entering his cage, he barely crows at all! When the empty lot next door soon sports a new house with new neighbors after being empty for years, this should greatly reduce even his crows suppressed by the shed. A lot of us want a rooster so as to make more chickens for meat and eggs but regret it when a "hen" turns out to be a rooster, so I wanted to share this new angle on suburban rooster keeping.

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