Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The pic of an Arrow Root rhizome in my hand with ferns behind is of the original rhizome that Josh Jamison gave me a number of months ago when we were at a permaculture event at Andy Firk's. They like light shade and damp soil so I planted it in a Water Wise Container Garden made from the the lower third of a 55 gallon plastic drum beneath my avocado tree. It grew very well this summer, reaching about 5 feet tall, then it flowered. The tops died back slowly so today, after a week ago digging up one for Mike to grow, and after 2 months ago digging up one prematurely to eat, I dug up eight rhizomes. I could tell from my fingers' Braille that I left several underground. I replenished the soil, mulched with aged oak chips, then planted maybe 6 seedlings of my favorite collard, 'Morris Heading'. I'll be curious to see if new shoots push up through the collards next spring heat returns. I will try these raw, sauteed/steamed with the lid on, and boiled.

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