Sunday, January 19, 2014

I just posted on the Barefoot Gardeners forum a question to Jon and Debbie at EcoFarm if their strain of Walking Onion is truly perennial and if it walks. Some years back Allen Boatman and I obsessed on them and the MANY strains, like the Catawissas and more. The kind I grew in Denver that multiplied HEAVILY and walked like crazy, with bases thicker than leeks, failed QUICKLY the three times I brought some here from my Denver yard. A strain that Allen got via mail THRIVED for him at the Falkenburg Jail farm plus in my yard and two friends' garden for three years...but as they entered year four they failed catastrophically, though Mary Jo has one that has managed to survive but hardly thrives. As soon as I hear back from them I'll share what they say. I realize that they are much colder out there than I am here in south Tampa so who knows...might be perennial for them but not me. I loved my giant patch in my Denver back yard!

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