Saturday, September 15, 2012

From "Bidens Hell" a year ago to this wonderful tipping point! One duck, a big male, is now in the south bed eating weeds for his third day there, I trapped a female yesterday in a dog carrier cage in that center bed, she goes to the south bed today. That leaves four males to go before I can begin the transformation of the large center bed now 99% weed free and hyper fertile after their being in there for nearly a year. CENTRAL to the project is planting the bananas and a guava in lined pits that are in effect giant Water Wise Container Gardens, planting many papaya seedlings directly in the soil, then DEEP mulching the entire bed with branches of cherry laurel, paper mulberry and Cassia alata and water hyacinths, plus with horse stable sweepings, to create a richly fertile DAMP core to my back yard urban farm. Once that layer settles and decays somewhat by next spring, I'll likely plant peanuts and sweet potatoes as edible ground covers, with the added benefit of the peanuts being nitrogen fixers.

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