Friday, April 15, 2016

The last few years my scavenged brick work drive way has been heavily invaded by weeds. I won't use Roundup and so tried several different natural controls that had little effect. And so I am covering the driveway with very tough rubber mats my friend Mary Jo brings me now and then....they are given her by a friend who works for a truck transport company who uses them to keep cargo from shifting around. They are recycled, made from old tires and are very resilient to traffic...ones in the back garden have taken two years of daily foot traffic from me and Cracker. Short term, I will leave them down until the end of summer to choke out the weeds and hopefully to solarize the weed seeds. If I decide to remove them this fall, I will sweep into the bricks a few 50 pound bags of decorative red clay/sand mix like used at baseball diamonds. So nice to see the weeds being so easily controlled, and for free! I feel that they will lie flat after being sun warmed. Thanks to Mary Jo I have enough to do the whole driveway! John

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