Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year everyone, This is the morning of the 31st, and last night I for the first time in a week went to bed, fell asleep easily, and dreamed effortlessly as usual after a nightmarish week that resulted from my taking the cough suppressant dextromethorphan. This was because I took Robitussin DM due to a well-meaning neighbor worried about my post-nasal drip induced dry cough when I'd speak suggested it. After the sleep and energy level problems started I looked on-line and saw warnings NOT on the box.....taken more than a few times it disrupts Circadian rhythms, raises brain levels of serotonin, completely destroys sleep patterns, wipes out REM sleep altogether.... one of THE worst things I've ever experienced! I stopped taking it six days ago, and used instructions I found in-line for sublingual doses of melatonin at sun down to re-establish Circadian rhythms for two nights. And the up to twelve HOURS of insomnia each night were sheer body paralyzed in that they called "hypnotic insomnia" where I could not move my body while my mind RACED...not even really sleeping yet could not open my eyes. And the next day I'd feel SO TIRED and listless. I can't believe this stuff is sold off the shelf! And I was stunned to see websites advocating using overdoses of it to get off recreationally! Effortless sleep has been a part of my entire life, so this experience was sheer hell. For the cough I'll just use lemon juice and honey and menthol drops as this has been a mind boggling experience. I've now heard reports like mine from folks I know here in Tampa,including huge mood swings day time. ( I got real grouchy after a few days). I want to share this as this is the time of year when people catch a lot of colds, and here in Florida people like me get lots of allergies (in my case certain outdoor allergies plus my cat Shadow). This chemical is in Robitussin and in several brands of Coricidin, and when I was scanning for it on-line I was saddened to see that each year it kills several young children by stopping their hearts. They say "never to say never" but I will NEVER take it again! John

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