Sunday, May 10, 2015

A nice Sunday experiment project...used my first ever brand new drill (corded) to turn six scavenged Tampa recycle bins into Water Wise Container Gardens by using a large bit to drill eight holes in each, three inches from the bottom. The bottom drainage holes got filled in earlier this week with aquarium silicone. The last few months my yard helper Paul has filled several garbage cans and large tree pots with green weeds...I let them sit out in the sun and rain until composted. I filled each garden box 4/5 full of composted weeds, added a few pounds of Publix plain white cat litter, a few large handfuls of dolomite, then topped each with about two inches of Lambert potting soil. Each one got a GOOD drenching hand watering followed by the whole area getting watered by a hose end sprinkler to benefit the Jack Beans next to the goat fence. Next they get a dilute tea of fish emulsion, trace elements, and chicken poop. Then in goes seedlings already started of egg plant, bell peppers, Malabar spinach, Serrano peppers, and Everglades tomato.

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