Monday, March 9, 2015

The Magic 8 Allergy Tea works as wonderfully for Cracker as it did for Sweety...he slept soundly last night (as did I since the bed was not shaking from his itching!). I had a wonderful dream....some friends and I plus Cracker were feasting in a very high end restaurant, and the waiters kept bringing plate scraps to Cracker in very elegant "dog bowls" made out of three live tulip plants growing on the side. With Sweety it took a tea bag every 3-4 days to keep her itch free while the oak trees were in bloom....I'll be curious what it takes for Cracker. That one sore spot the size of a nickel that had appeared on one of his shoulders is already healing. My black Honda is now COVERED in yellowish-white oak pollen! John

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