Sunday, October 20, 2013

Many thanks to Andy Firk for his having dreamed up today's YamFest about perennial food crops for Florida, and to Josh Jamison and H.E.AR.T. in Lake Wales for hosting the event. Both guys gave concisely delivered yet info-packed presentations, and I enjoyed the free flow of questions and answers between them and attendees, and between attendees. I loved the potluck, got my first ever taste of wild boar, loved Emily Jamison's kimchee fermented three weeks OUTSIDE of the fridge (this inspires me to make my next batch room temp too) plus I was proud of Cracker for doing well with the other dogs, even the ones not on leashes as he is not around other dogs very often except at the beach. The plant swap near the end was fun too. Thanks to Marabou Thomas for my first ever cutting of Redonda (sp?) chaya. And thanks to Haroun Aaron Moffatt for those nigella seeds and nigella oil and that root for tooth and gum health. A very nice day all around. Our donations of cash vital to survival in this culture went to very good causes. Nice to see favorite folks and meet new ones. I got home soon enough to have to have done very little of the night driving I dislike.

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