Monday, November 5, 2012

One of my friends in Occupy in the bay area set this up in front of her home...she and neighbors keep it stocked, and I know that she is very low income. Folks I know who think that Occupy is a bunch of lazy, parasitic, corporation-hating hippies I've found to have had actually very little contact, if any, with Occupy, of which I am part. I am so glad to see that Occupy Sandy is getting media attention for their spontaneous effective work in New York that MANY people say greatly eclipses that by the well-funded Red Cross. Occupy is what democracy looks like! John


  1. This is great to see.

    I supported the original Tea Party (end the Fed, hang the bankers and kill the deficits!) and the original Occupy Movement (end the Fed, hang the bankers and kill the deficits!)

    But both have been totally jammed into the left/right spectrum by the media. My conservative friends think the Occupy folks are dirty commie hippies... and my liberal friends think the Tea Partiers are all "God hates gays and owns like a million guns."

    Really, there's a lot of overlap between the two, at least before the Hannity's and the Soros' jumped on board. Popular movements that are sick of the status quo, the theft of our wealth by government/corporations together, and the runaway deficits that are gonna mean a WHOLE lot of broken promises in the future.

    There are plenty of people I'll shake hands with in both camps. Especially if they're open-handed like the folks who created the booth above.

    (BTW: Full disclosure - I'm an equal opportunity despiser of both major parties. ;)

  2. I participated shortly in an Occupy in a town which had a lot of homeless. Every night, we would have a meal, then leave the leftovers on a low wall for the homeless sleeping in the park to share. The community garden members would always bring free veggies and fruit and just leave them in the park, until the police made them stop because it was "unsanitary." It seems the authorities would prefer the homeless and poor all just starve to death.